The scalable decentralized digital currency shaping the future.

Cryptocurrency and Utility Coin

Image gives users the benefit of being both a cryptocurrency and utility coin. Allowing users to transact directly in Image for day to day use or enjoy its utility in multiple partnered projects such as İmage Cash.


Calculable % based POW rewards 

mage holders can stake their coins to help secure the network, the more Image you are staking the higher the block reward received. Holders will be able to stake their coins in their wallets, on İMG or with our multiple partnered pools.


Fast and scalable transactions

As Image uses proof-of-work consensus it is highly scalable. The target rate of updating the transaction blocks is 60 seconds, which enables transactions to be confirmed 10x faster than Bitcoin.



Download the Image whitepaper for more detailed information regarding the Image blockchain and technology. As well as to find out more about partnered Image Coin projects and how IMG aims to impact the blockchain world.. 

Why ImageCoin


Cryptocurrency that is designed for transaction privacy!

Data P2P Transactions

IMG is able to convert any picture into a digital form to facilitate image sending. IMG claims to store the picture on the blockchain. 

Our Expertise

Over the years we have completed a wide range of projects shown below in %.

% Development

Find out about the latest developments on ImageCoin and its ecosystem. 

ImageCoin Network Launch


Mobile APP


Increase Size Data




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